Grundo's Cafe - Terms and Conditions (Rules)

You must review the following rules to know what you can and cannot do on Grundo's Cafe. By using this site, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

In short, please...


DO :

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Don't Be A Jerk

Remember the human! We're all here for the same reason - to have some fun. We do not tolerate insulting, threats, bullying, harassment, or otherwise nasty behavior. Keep tense subject matters such as religion, politics, current events, tense historical events, and real life violence off-site.

If you disagree with another user's playstyle, what others do with their pets, etc., please refrain from venting about it in public channels or onsite.

  • Site Content Note: We specifically disallow references to the following intellectual properties throughout the site. This is not an exhaustive list.
    • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and/or JK Rowling
    • Kanye "Ye" West and/or the Yeezy brand
Keep Customization Reasonable

Grundo's Cafe allows for a lot of personalization, whether it be pet names, NeoHTML, signatures, or customization!

Due to the can of worms it presents, we do not allow slurs - even reclaimed ones - in any of these personalization features. Similarly, we strongly discourage gray-area adult content pet/usernames, and we reserve the right to rename a pet or account with which we or other players take issue.

Any references to injury, blood, or anything otherwise associated with "gore" should be kept to a minimum OR described in a medical or biological rather than visceral manner. All content displayed on-site should be PG-13. If you think that your content would be uncomfortable for a young teenager to read, then it shouldn't be on-site. Please open a ticket if you're unsure.

Pet image overlays are allowed on both pet lookups and user lookups as long as they follow the sitewide content rules and aren't maliciously misleading. Overlays on user lookups may not misrepresent the pet as any other pet color that exists on site. Overlays on pet lookups may represent the pet as any species or color without limitations.

All user lookups that use overlays must include a link or button to toggle CSS off

  • Link Example :
  • The team may ask for overlays that do not meet these requirements to be changed or removed. Malicious misrepresentation of a pet for trading purposes may lead to an account freeze.

    Do not use customization to hide or change your stats on your user lookup, or hide the true pet color and species on pet lookups.

    Only use custom content (CSS, HTML, art) that you own or have permission to use, and give credit when customizing with assets and code that are not your own. We reserve the right to clear code and assets that are used without permission or do not have credit given to the original creator(s).

    No Cheating

    Quality-of-life user scripts are not just tolerated but encouraged! However, programs or hacks, such as auto-buyers, score-senders, auto-refreshers, etc., aren't acceptable. If a user script helps you gain an unfair advantage on a competitive part of the site, you should not use it. The one-to-one input rule is a good rule of thumb for determining whether a user script is okay to use. If a script is automating clicks (one input -> multiple outputs) on a competitive site area, that is cheating, and we will freeze you when we catch you using it.

    If you are uncertain about an edge case, don't hesitate to ask! We will be punitive as we catch cheaters (flagrant cheaters will not get a warning before being frozen). Still, we will also be reasonable if the situation involves an edge case.

    Examples of what is and isn't okay (with some edge cases) :

    • OKAY : A user script that moves or changes the size of buttons on Dice-A-Roo to make it more user-friendly. Inputs are still 1-to-1.
    • OKAY : A user script that auto-fills a Wishing Well wish and donation. Inputs aren't 1-to-1, but this part of the site isn't sufficiently competitive for it to be an issue.
    • OKAY : A user script that adds SW/SDB for items as they appear on various parts of the site. Inputs are still 1-to-1.
    • BAD : A user script that auto-fills user shop prices for you. That is not okay, as user shop repricing tends to be highly competitive.
    • BAD : A user script that highlights words or expressions on pages. Inputs are still 1-to-1, but not okay as this provides an unfair advantage in competitive parts of the site.
    • BAD : An auto-refresher: Inputs are not 1-to-1. This provides the user with an unfair advantage.
    • BAD : A script which automatically submits an action for you: inputs are not 1-to-1.
    Age Requirements
    • We do not allow players under the age of 13 to play Grundo's Cafe. Additionally, if your local jurisdiction sets higher age limits to participate in or provide data to online gaming sites with social features, you may not play. By playing Grundo's Cafe, you are agreeing that you are of the appropriate age to enjoy the site.
    • For your safety and privacy, it's important to remember that sharing personal information while gaming can expose you to risks. If you are under the age of 18, do not share any personal information like your real name, age, location, school, or phone number with other players.
    • If you are not of age to play, we are happy to welcome you into Grundo's Cafe when you are!
    One Account Per Person

    With a mix of ways to earn more pet slots, we hope to render side accounts unnecessary. With that in mind, please limit yourself to creating one account.

    If multiple members of your household play Grundo's Cafe together, please be mindful of some ground rules to ensure you are not banned for multi-accounting:

    • Do not log in to a friend or family member's account for them, play the game on their behalf, or send items, Neopoints, or pets to other accounts on their behalf. The only exception to this is for individuals who may need technical assistance, for example, players with disabilities.
    • Players are permitted to give items, pets, and currency to other household members who also play the game. However, we remind players that this behavior can create an unfair advantage if that gifting is mostly one-way. While occasional gifts are fine, players should reach their achievements through their own efforts as much as possible to ensure a level playing field for all.
    Bug Bounty

    As with any website, users sometimes find unanticipated bugs before the dev team finds them. We would hate to roll back the site if an abused bug wreaks havoc on the economy. To hopefully prevent this from happening, we sweeten the incentive to report these types of bugs with a bug bounty. Please report any bugs to site admins or moderators via the on-site report form or Discord. This bounty covers bugs that will impact the economy (item duplication, np generation, pet exploits, etc.) and range from 100k to 1m+, depending on the severity.

    Market Guidelines

    Grundo's Cafe is an example of a free market economic system. This means that prices are not regulated by any authority, but are rather determined by supply and demand. Because prices are unregulated they can be subject to large fluctuations, and there is no obligation for any individual to price their items in a certain way.

    While Grundo's Cafe shares some features of real-life capitalist societies, it is a game where economic choices do not impact an individual’s human rights. We are therefore mindful of the power of the language used to describe economic activities within this context. Please take care using any of the following terms to avoid diminishing their real-world consequences :

    • Price Gouging : The practice of increasing the prices of goods, services, or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair. This commonly applies to price increases of basic necessities after natural disasters.
    • Artificial Inflation/Artificial Scarcity : Scarcity of items despite the technology for production or the sufficient capacity for sharing.
    • Market Manipulation : Artificial inflation or deflation of the price of a security. It involves the literal manipulation of a financial market for personal gain.
    • Price Fixing : An anticompetitive agreement between participants on the same side in a market to buy or sell a product, service, or commodity only at a fixed price, or maintain the market conditions such that the price is maintained at a given level by controlling supply and demand.

    In general, players are allowed to buy and sell items at the prices they choose and for whatever reason they wish, as long as they are not engaging in deceptive behavior or attempting to exert influence over the broader economy by collaborating with a group. As a guide, follow these examples of what is and isn't okay :

    • OKAY : Selling an item for above/below the generally agreed upon market value, so long as both parties are aware of this fact.
    • OKAY : Purchasing items which are perceived to be priced below the generally agreed upon market value and re-listing them for a higher price.
    • OKAY : Gifting another player with items or funds to purchase something for their own personal use.
    • OKAY : Guild members voluntarily donating items to be gifted to or swapped with other guild members, with the understanding that once the item has left their account they are no longer the "owner" and there is no guarantee that they will be reimbursed.
    • OKAY : A group of players forming a mall, in which they agree to consistently supply their own shops with distinct categories of items. Buying other user's items from the Shop Wizard to stock your own mall is okay.
    • BAD : Providing false estimates of an item’s value for personal gain.
    • BAD : Misrepresenting or concealing your intentions when purchasing items for personal gain. Example scenarios :
      • Under-offering on a paint brush with the intention of reselling it for profit, whilst telling the seller you are purchasing the paint brush for personal use.
      • Harassing a seller via the trading post or neomails in an attempt to coerce them into selling their item/s for significantly lower than the currently agreed upon market value.
    • BAD : Attempting to mislead people by listing a low-value item with a similar name or image to a high-value item for a significantly higher price than its generally agreed upon market value. Example :
      • Listing a “Lost Desert Paint Brush Plushie” at the same price as a “Lost Desert Paint Brush” in an attempt to mislead potential buyers.
    • BAD : Offering a low-value item with a similar name or image to a high-value item on a trade lot with the intention of misleading the seller. Example :
      • Offering a “Lost Desert Paint Brush Plushie” on a trade lot where the seller has requested a “Lost Desert Paint Brush” with the intention of misleading the seller.
    • BAD : Pooling funds amongst multiple players in order to collectively purchase and own an item or exert power over the economy. Example scenarios :
      • A group of friends offering to give Neopoints or dubloons to one person in order for them to purchase an item which will then be collectively owned by all shareholders.
      • A guild soliciting donations from members in order to purchase an item for the use of all guild members, with no clear “owner”.
      • A group of people pooling Neopoints or dubloons in order to purchase an item to sell for profit which will then be redistributed amongst all shareholders.
      • A group of people coordinating to increase the price of items.
    • BAD : Offering a "prize" or other reward for users who make purchases from your user shop. These offers are not possible for the moderation team to monitor and are considered scams.
    Trading Post Guidelines

    The Trading Post is one of the primary ways to exchange goods with fellow players on Grundo's Cafe. To ensure the Trading Post remains fair and friendly for everyone, please ensure your trade lots, wishlists, and offers follow site rules.

    All trades must be for Neopoints, on-site items, or art commissions. Trading for Neopets, referral codes, or IRL currency is not allowed.

    The Trading Post is not meant for posting wishlists or storing items. If you put items on the Trading Post, the expectation is that you are actively attempting to sell/trade your items. Lots found in violation of this rule will be removed.

    As with all site areas, please keep your Trading Post wishlist messages site-appropriate. Callouts and vulgarity are not allowed and will result in the lot being removed.

    Pet Trading
    • All trades must be 1:1, 1 pet for 1 pet.
    • You may not trade items or neopoints for a pet.
    • Customs are allowed, but may not be offered on pets that the recipient currently owns or has previously owned. This includes FFQ customs. Customs must be applied to the pets before they leave the parties' accounts.
    • There are two exceptions to the ‘No Items’ rule, though these items may only be exchanged if they are intended to be used toward to a pet involved in the trade. The first is Name Tokens, they may be included if necessary for a trade or adoption. It is up to the trading parties to decide who pays for the token(s) based on what both parties think is fair.
    • The second exception to the ‘No Items’ rule are Species Changing Items. Which, like Name Tokens, may only be exchanged if they are intended to be used toward to a pet involved in the trade or adoption.
    • If you are asking someone about a pet that they have not publicly placed up for trade or adoption, be polite and use good etiquette. If the user's or pet's profile notes that the pet is not UFT, respect their wishes and avoid asking. If they decline or do not respond, move on and do not repeatedly ask, nor vent about the owner, pet name, or any other identifying information publicly.
    • If a pet will be leaving your account for any reason and you intend to get it back, do so at your own risk. While we will investigate reports of suspected scamming behavior, we recommend taking a preventive approach and only lending to people you trust.
    Commission Best Practices

    These are some recommended best practices for artists offering commissions and for users buying commissioned art. These are not official rules, and should be considered as guidelines, but we hope these will make the process of buying and selling art easier for users to navigate. While this guide was written with illustrated pieces in mind, most of the points also apply to graphics, custom CSS/HTML, and other types of commissioned work.

    NB: All commissions should be completed for in-game currency only.

    Best Practices for Artists :

    • Price high enough for what your time is worth! If you were charging by the hour, how many Neopoints would you feel is a fair rate? Is it comparable to the amount of NP you would gain spending that same time on other site activities? If you’re unsure how to price your art, ask others and skim recent commission openings to find a ballpark price for similar styles and levels of quality.
    • While it is up to you to decide at what stage(s) the commissioner must send payment, including the choice of whether to include a down payment, it is strongly recommended to not provide the final piece in high-res (or equivalent) until you have been paid in full.
    • Check in with your commissioner often, and give them progress updates. This makes the process easier on both of you should changes or extensions be needed, and reduces the possibility of miscommunications. If you have unexpected circumstances and the commission takes longer than expected, it’s better to let the commissioner know that upfront.
    • Estimate more time than you may actually need to finish commissioned work. Good art takes time, life can be unpredictable, and setting broader estimates gives you more flexibility and helps the commissioner have realistic expectations.

    Best Practices for Commissioners :

    • Be patient with the artist, and give them plenty of time to finish your piece. While many artists will give an estimated turnaround time, and while you should always feel comfortable reaching out with questions or for updates, be understanding if the process takes slightly longer than expected.
    • If you wish for the artist to make major changes to a piece (such as composition, character poses, etc), ask during the sketch stage before lines/color are added where possible unless the artist states otherwise in their Terms of Service. This allows the artist to easily make those changes before the details are set in stone. Once color is added, it is often more difficult to make larger alterations to the piece.
    • Provide references where relevant/possible. If you have a character with a specific design, sending the artist an image or two of them helps greatly. Even if you aren’t an artist yourself and don’t have exact reference art onhand, stick figure drawings and stock photos can greatly help communicate what you have in mind for posing and composition!
    • Be mindful of an artist’s availability, and unless they state otherwise, only inquire about commissions if they say that they have slots open. If their commissions are closed, wait until they’re ready to reopen their queue before reaching out about it.
    • Follow the artist’s terms of service where applicable in regard to pricing, payment, and usage
    • Tipping artists is always recommended, especially if they went above and beyond in creating a custom piece for you!

    For both Artists and Commissioners :

    • Clear and consistent communication is one of the most important parts of the commission process! Make your expectations clear, and don’t be afraid to speak up with any questions or concerns for the other party.
    • If you encounter problems that cannot adequately be resolved privately between artist and commissioner, open up a ticket and staff will assist you.

    NOTE : We are able to directly mediate only when site rules are being broken, or in cases of suspected scamming. For example, if an artist doesn’t receive timely payment after completing a piece, or a commissioner goes multiple weeks without expected progress updates from the artist despite their best attempts to reach out and resolve the issue privately.

    We typically cannot enforce anything related to art pricing, usage (except for art, asset, or code theft, as outlined in the site rules), or individual artist Terms of Service unless the issue is covered by our broader site rules.

    If you are interested in doing any gray-area activity that isn't mentioned in this write-up, feel free to reach out to the GC Team and ask for clarification!

    The Grundo's Cafe Team reserves the right to modify, add or remove rules at any time, with or without prior notice. Players are responsible for staying up-to-date with site rules.